7 Unique Ways To Use Face Wipes

Face wipes are one of the must-have’s in any woman’s bag. You will find her carrying it everywhere, use it way too often and proclaim that she can’t live without it! Yes, most women have become used to keeping face wipes in their handbags mainly because they are versatile, lightweight and easy to carry. You get wipes in different scents and sizes too. So why do women vouch for face wipes? That’s because facial wipes are really useful in removing makeup and cleaning the face. Right? True. But there are several other uses of facial wipes and we are sure you didn’t know about them. Want to find out? Read on.

Facial wipes can be of great use when you are going to the beach on a hot day. Before heading to the beach on a bright sunny day, you would probably apply lots of sunscreens to protect your face from tanning. But after staying under the sun for some time, you will find sunscreen residue sticking to your face. Take out your favorite facial wipe and gently rub off the residue.

Facial wipes are also of great help when you are traveling by plane over a long distance. Such trips make your face greasy and tired and you end up looking shabby. Swipe your face with the wipe so that all the dirt is cleared.

Body acne is the result of perspiration and grease left after a strenuous workout. While the result of work out is a healthy body, getting to it isn’t without a few hiccups. When you leave the sweat unattended and let it get soaked into your skin, they can clog the pores and result in awful body acne. You can avoid body acne by using a cleansing wipe to rub off the sweat from your back and shoulders. This will prevent future acne breakouts.

Did you know that facial wipes can be used to eliminate stains too? Surprising but true. Though they don’t remove hard stains, they can be helpful to remove small stains from fabric. All you need to do is dab a face wipe on the stain. When you remove the wipe, you will see the stain being lifted off. However, you need to remember that face wipes are useful only to remove fresh stains not old ones.

Deodorant stains can also be easily removed by facial wipes. One of the side effects of using deodorants is that they leave unwelcome stains on our favorite clothes. Till now you might have been using paper towels to get rid of the stains, but did you know that you can use face wipes to remove the stains? All you need to do is gently wipe over the stain to remove any deodorant residue.

It isn’t always nice to book a salon appointment to dye the hair. Once in a while doing it our way at home is quite nice. But they come with their own set of problems. You will often find extra dye all over your neck and forehead. You can use your trusted face wipe to remove the dye easily.

To keep the summer glow intact during the dry winter months, much resorts to using self-tanning lotions. While they can really be useful in making the face shine, but if you do not apply them correctly, they can leave streaks all over the body. If you have seen similar streaks, you can make good use of facial wipes. All you need to do is swipe the wipe over the streaks a few times to see the difference.