10 Must-Have Fall Fruits and Vegetables

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year with the shedding of leaves from deciduous trees marking the coming of winters. Fall is also related to prime harvest and that’s the reason the freshest fruits and vegetables are available at this time. Yes, this is the season when you should be going all healthy with fruits and vegetables and yet preparing mouth-watering recipes for Thanksgiving and other festivals.


The famed fruit which keeps the doctor away tastes best during the Fall. The apples of this season are a juicer, brighter and very nutritious. Need we also mention that the fruit can also be used for making the best apple cider, apple pie, apple cider donut?


The ‘Black Mission Fig’ is quite the fruit of the season. Pair it up with cheese or cured meat and discover the perfect starter for a dinner party. You can also stuff your pork roast into them and see the magic unfold.


Grapes taste best during the early Fall. We don’t need to tell you that you can be creative with this fruit and use it as a pizza topping or as covers in blue cheese for hors d’oeuvres.


Beets can be used to make fine salads and soups. The best beets of the season are the small, firm ones which have the green attached. This vegetable is high in iron and very good for pregnant women. Did you know that you can make great pickles with beet? Try it.


Halloweens are incomplete without pumpkins and so is the Fall season. Pumpkin pies are very popular during this season and pumpkin soups are enriching and sumptuous. You can also puree this colorful vegetable and turn it into a cocktail.


Broccoli isn’t your child’s favorite food, is it? Most often it is a tad bit bitter which seems to spoil all the side dishes. But did you know that the broccoli harvested during this season has a milder flavor and sweeter taste? We won’t be surprised if you are buying broccoli the next time you are in the market!

Brussels Spout

The vegetable that is mass harvested in Brussels can be easily used for making the tastiest side dishes. You can roast Brussels sprouts with some pancetta or bacon or simply steam it with butter.


Spinach isn’t just Popeye’s strength-booster but is also a nutrient-dense food. You can use it as a base for a salad or sauté it with garlic or add to your favorite pasta. We didn’t say you have to gobble spinach the Popeye way!

Winter Squash

Yes, winter squash is actually available during the Fall. It is an extremely versatile vegetable and can be roasted, grilled or even added to a soup. But the butternut squash soup is our favorite. Yours too?

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes shouldn’t just be used for Thanksgiving dish but you can also make sweet potato fries or one-pot dishes.